Raised with TV westerns and her Grandmother’s retired circus horses, Jodie was enchanted by horses and cowboys as a young girl. By the age of eight, she had already decided what she wanted to be; a cowgirl and an artist. Horses were her world until she received her first camera at the age of thirteen and found her means of personal artistic expression, eventually leaving horses behind and choosing photography for her first career. After great success as a commercial photographer, Jodie found herself searching for a major life change. She put the cameras away and rediscovered her connection with horses. Refreshed and healed by their presence, she eventually found herself drawn back to the camera, to photograph what she loved, horses. Residing in the Northeast, Jodie began traveling west in 2013 with the intention of immersing herself in the Western lifestyle and capturing her impressions. It changed her forever. She was captivated and enthralled by ranch life, the herds of horses running freely on thousands of acres and the cowboys who rode along side them. Jodie discovered the subject matter she had been searching for, one that resonated completely within her and filled her with excitement and joy.